Monday, 16 April 2012

...times like these

he: I've got a question...
she: go ahead!
he: I usually tend to go too far..
she: I know..
he: well.. I've got a crush on you... more like love, actually.
she: we are best friends !
he: I know.. let's make the most of it ?
she: not possible..
he: why ?
she: things are gonna change..
he: I promise it won't..
she: that's the problem.
he: I don't understand !
she: I won't change.. and there's a part of me that must be changed so I will not screw people's life up. You are gonna get hurt.
he: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, and I'm fucking Superman by now.
she: You are funny.
he:...and you are beautiful.
she: you are also a liar...
he: only when I'm awake..
she: god damned, can you stop smiling like this ?
he: just trying to seduce you..
she: what was the question, by the way ?
he: let's runnaway...
she: from here ??? now ??
he: from everything, whenever you like, I'm your driver..
she: don't ask twice..
he: let's runnaway ?
she: you are on a mission, ain't you ?
he: till the end..
she: what should I do with you ?
he: I've got plenty of really nice ideas..
she: come on, be serious, you are killing me with those eyes..
she: seriously, this is not a good time.. don't take advantage of me.. I'm not kidding..
he: seriously, I wanna fix whatever is broken inside..and keep the whole thing for me once is restored.
she: oh my god, you are really serious...
he: that's what I'm trying to say to you for about an hour baby..
she: I swear I'm gonna go crazy... this is too much for a conversation over a drink...
he: well, you should have told me before I had those many drinks..
she: why me ? just now ?
he: she is funny, she is smart, she is beautiful and hell, she got that smile on her face... and the truth ? wasn't just's been a long while..
he: I know I'm not marriage material, but I can make it work..and I'm wearing the same perfum over and over..
she: what's it about ? with the perfum ?
he: when I'm not in love, I wear different perfum, every night, every day, so no one will get attached to it, and create a memorie of it when thinking of me.. big rule nowadays.. don't get too close, unless you are prepared to get hurt in the process...
she: you are too intense..
he: ...and so are you.
she: you are unbelievable.
he: ...and you know all my secrets.
she: and you scared the hell outta me.
he: that was necessary... starting fresh... trusting.
she: so, why did you stop mailing me ?
he: because wasn't enough..
she: ...

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