Friday, 14 May 2010

My frozen princess

It doesn't matter how far I go, my heart still in the same place.
It doesn't matter how stand still I am, my mind never is.

I don't look back in regret, I don't look forward without awe.
For so many years I've been looking for the joy in the small things and luckily I found them now and then in unexpected places and ocasions.
What a nice life I am in, what a wonderful thing to live.

I would spend my entirely life just looking into your eyes and be restless if I could, but forgive me if I always want what I can't have, forgive me if all I have is never enough, I'll be bored by dawn and I'll leave without a sound. 

The truth is, i'm a trully free man, i'm part of the world in many senses, my soul is like the wind and my thoughts stays floating in the air, I use much of the signs that I see around me, trying to find reason, trying to find an answer for everything and most of all, for my existence.

I really can't answer why I can't let you go, i'm not sure myself and i don't have a proper answer neither, maybe is because I've never learned how to lose, never knew how to deal with it, or maybe I just can't find anyone capable of replace you. It's pratically impossible to share my secrets, to honestly laugh with someone else, and the pain of keeping it is too much.

I must stop daydreaming, I must carry on with my life like before, I shouldn't have try to show you that I was perfect cause I wasn't, I'm not.
I'm also must stop thinking that life is like in the movies, where great historys always ends well, after so long everyone get together and watch the sun goes down in a far away beach rolled up in blankets, that's not reality, even though romantic.

I have to thank you very much for being the engine in my life, to make me go farther than expected, for being this shadow beside me, the one who I talk all the time, the one who's my counselour, the one I love most and that doesn't really exist, only in my mind, my frozen princess.  

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