Wednesday, 25 August 2010

So long...

So this is goodbye, London.
I wish you all the best, trully.
There was the best of times, there was the worse of times, I ought to say.
No more expensive nights out, no more cheap days in, nevermind the beautiful weather.

I cannot say how much important you are for me London, you gave me everything in those years, friendship, love, regret sometimes, life and death, gave me also wisdom and stupidity, you opened my eyes for a different world, now I can see through a window that not so many people are able to, and I'm glad I was the chosen one.

So many times my head has been spinning and aching for you, London, uncountable times, and I'm still sick of thinking why I sold my youth to live with you, my dirty lady.

Cold mornings, opening the blinds with a nice coffee in my hands, just getting ready for work, looking all the neighbourhood passing by, feeling lonely with the thoughts flying around, no more.

Let's keep it simple, shall we? You used me, I used you, now we go our way.

I'm gonna miss this, moments like right now, sitting in a busy coffeeshop well branded with all the buzz around, people from everywhere in the world speaking languages and me, writing words out of nowhere, mostly with a sense of solitude.

Solitude, that is something that I've learned here, and thank God I'm not short back home, mind you! this was my choice and I can't complaint, just saying.

When one wants to know a place for real, one needs to live in there for a couple of years, that's my best quote about it, and I did myself. I wish I could do it more often, unfortunately our lives are quite short for such enterprise and I assume I'm not that courageous guy who would trade a family life for a "free of strings" forever. Long ago me and my dear old friends used to say that we could have a perfect life when grown ups if we could carry or houses like snails, all that we need kept in a rucksack. 

Now, we can see that it's not so easy, the house is getting heavy and heavier, not to mention if there's another "snail" partner going along with you, female snails can't carry their houses on their own, how about the little ones after 9 months? I definitely can't sacrifice ones comfort for my pleasure in wander the world.

Again, there's no partner, there's no kids yet, but one day I surely will become a family man, I hope so.
Maybe one day my children will read this and they will be thankful for I decided to step out of the track and got back to the normal-way-of-life, and doing so I might find time to conceive them and tell them all the adventures as lullabies and tales before sleep, giving them the gift of free will and theirs fathers hunger of road.

So that's it London, instead of Paris, Crete or Berlin, you're my loved one, you're mine and I've been yours all the way, from me I promise you I'll write about you every now and then to remind myself of you, for old times sake, never letting you fall in the limbo that consumes memories and hand-written pages.

So that's it London, so long my dear.



  1. And so it is...
    Just like you said it would be....
    Good luck my friend... the world is your! we are here just waiting for you...
    see ya my brother!

  2. You dit it your way... the show must go on now!