Friday, 4 December 2009

Freezing cold outside...

It's freezing cold outside and here I am grabbing my cup of cappuccino with one hand and typying in my brand new phone with the other, thinking: "it's about time to try to write in English"...

It's not like writing an essay, nothing really technical but also very hard to do because usually I talk about feeling and sometimes I'm still thinking that I'm not comfortable with that. Expressing feelings is one of the most dificult thing for people even in their own language, and then you sum the fear of grammar errors and mispellings.

One of my English friends were asking me so many times to tell her what exactly I've been writing so often in my blog, and to translate it for her, of course. She was sort of disapointed when I said that mostly Brazilians friends were the ones who I write for.

She encourage me to write now and again, not just to practice what I learned, but to open my mind in other ways to express myself when I feel that my native tongue doesn't have the words to do that.

She also said that as long as I'm doing it with beggining, middle, putting an end and some sense, I will be ok.

I don't want to let my Brazilians friends down doing that, once again I can tell that some day I'm gonna talk about all this historys over a bar table having a good round of drinks.

Today is just another cold day like every winter in England, with the difference that sun is shining this morning, this kind of light (even cold) cheer us all up, putting a smile on people's faces.

These past days were so rainy that I was close to buy my flight ticket straight to home land, but somehow I realize how fond of rain I am, suddenly I accepted the weather not as a misfortune, but as a weird gift from the sky above, to wash all this dirty on earth.

This quote about the dirty was in the Taxi Driver's movie when DeNiro took a guy, who was running for New York's major election, for a ride. Incredible how so many years on and we still battling corruption and evil all around us.

I'm not radical in these terms like DeNiro's character was, and to be honest, my intention in talk about the rain is to show people that if you are prepared for any kind of situation, you will be fine and now I know that putting good water proof clothes on I can even enjoy that moment, I took myself singing and smiling in the rain, when everyone else were cursing and in no mood outside my world.

The reason why I believe is once you have chosen your path this means that you have to walk all this way down to find peace, you will just have to do it and much better if smiling than raising hell.

Our lives run fast, faster then we thought when younger, and a good way to spend it is enjoying every moment, don't take it from self-help books, find it from your inner self, don't force a situation, if you smile when you are not feeling like you will end up with some pretty bad marks on your cheeks.
There's no recipe for this magic, it will happen some day in your life, I really hope that it happens to you (or had happened) in this early stage.

Finally, I want to thank Emma, this very friend of mine, for inspiring me with her smile and childish behavior, pushing me to cross the line between two languages promising that I'll do it over and over again, despite the weather =)


  1. I bet uncle Steve will like it, I'll show it, I'm telling ya, it's no good mate! How do u have time to wright it down ? Did Panda help u ? I've no stops and u having fun.

  2. Well, friend, I think it is a great idea! Maybe it will push our lazy fellas down there in South America to improve their English... Isn't it how we really learn, when we really need to?... hugz

  3. thats right!
    Sometimes its a good thing to have someone whipping ur ass...